birth model

If you would like to order a Citroën ID19 Break with name and birth date you can use the shopping cart to order the required number of items and checkout. Before you enter the pay site, you have to place the following information under "Remarks":
a) one first and last name
b) birth date
c) gender of the newborn

If you want you can also pass the birth weight, but this is not mandatory.

The first name is printed on the roof.
The first name, last name and birth date will be printed on the bottom of the model.
The birth weight will also be printed on the bottom of the modelcar on the place where normally the name of the model is printed.
Depending on the gender of the newborn, we will use a pink of blue model.
The model has a length of approximately 3.4" inch.

If after receiving your order/payment something is not quite clear, we will contact you as soon as possible. Therefore we need a telephone number or e-mail address with your registration.

Of course you can also contact us by sending an e-mail to containing the name and birth date required.